Multi channel video installation, performance, text, sculpture and photographyCommissioned by the department of Political Science at University of West Florida, 2019. 

'Destination Florida, planet Earth', is still work in progress. Please come back in the autumn for more details. 

Research collaborators: Dr Jocelyn Evans (Political Science) and Dr Derek Morgan (Environmental Science). Performers: Christopher Espejo, Faith Flawn, Lawrence Lazare, Anastasia Moray and Shelley Starnes-Blackburn. Supported by Vanessa Evans (transcriptions), Prof Carrie Fonder (sculpture), Prof Meaghan Gates (ceramics), Miles and Ross Heilman (coastal knowledge), Cheryl Johns-Lee (ceramics) and Sydney Moore (textiles).  

Image above: 'Flags for territory', video, photography and flag performance. Images below: 1) Documentation from performance 'The planner waits for no-one', Fort Pickens state park, performer Lawrence Lazare. 2) Documentation from performance traveling the coast of Florida, Navarre beach.  3) Image from 'An astronauts journey on planet Earth' mixed media works.  More images to come.

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