Babbling in the tower, installation and live performance. Part 2 shown at Elysium Gallery, Wales

The work investigates two fictional characters (Evelyn and Adrian,) who are trapped in a white room and are forced to face themselves and each other. This installation dissects the dialogue between two estranged people and explores their struggle to communicate their feelings.

1) Each line of dialogue is on a separate piece of paper. Each page is stuck loosely (but securely) on the wall.
A fan stands in the room turning 180 degrees and blowing the pages repeatedly. In the same space, lit by naked bulbs, are photographs of 4 spaces - a supermarket, forrest, motorway and white room with two white
tables and chairs.

2) Two white tables and chairs: On each table there is either Evelyn or Adrian%u2019s dialogue printed in separate white books. Each book contains only the lines of one person, however, in the case of Adrian he has four books connected by a chain: his book and that of his three alter egos Thomas, Anna and David. (See diagram in images above)

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