Performance & video projection - Berlin & Paris, 2005
Moving through a building that awaits demolition, text is overlaid onto the video. The text conjugates the verb 'to have' and occasionally negates it.

The video was projected onto the floor of a dis-used factory in Berlin, which was filled with scaffolding made by the artist Dagmar Glausnitzer (who was sharing the gallery space).

K.Yoland walked around the perimeter of the projected video, wrapping chairs in black bin bags and sticking notes onto them stating: "Reserved for others". She then proceeded to wrap the surrounding scaffolding with construction "no-entry" tape. When the audience was sufficiently shut out of the video space by a web of tape, the K.Yoland started to zigzag the tape over and across the projection until it became a web of red/white lines. Finally, she wraps herself in bin bags taping herself into the space. During the final stages of the performance 4 other performers appear amongst the audience and conjugate the verb to have in French, Spanish, German and Chinese.
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