Performance - Austria, 2008

Synopsis: Billy-Bee (K. Yoland) is a casting agent employed by Traumwand to cast for a new reality TV show - "Big Brother in a Cabin" on the side of the Austrian mountains without electricity, bathroom or shops.

Performance with 6 participants following 'audition' instructions, which are handed out at the start of the piece by the casting agent.

> Each participant is instructed to do a series of actions, which are not disclosed to the others.
> Each person's instructions impinge on the other participants and interrupt or change Billy-Bee's seminar on the topic of "Control".
> All participants are requested to bring their toothbrush for the performance
> Performance ends with arrival of helicopter

Performance was part of a 7 day residency with 7 international performance artists (from Germany, Serbia, Portugal and England), all researching the nature of control for one week.

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