Destination Florida, planet Earth

Multi channel video installation, performances, text, audio, drawings, sculpture and photography, Florida 2019. A research project examining coastal privatisation in Florida. Supported by the University of West Florida and the Kugelman Honors Program, 'Destination Florida, planet Earth', is still a work in progress. Research collaborators: Dr Jocelyn Evans (Political Science) and Dr Derek Morgan (Environmental Science). 

Images featured above: 

1) Documentation from 'Walking until submerged', performance #13 at North Beach (Miami), and performance #19B at Curry Hammock State Park (Keys), performer Elliott Miller. 

2) Documentation from performance 'The planner waits for no-one', Fort Pickens state park, performer Lawrence Lazare. 

3) Documentation from performance traveling the coast of Florida, Navarre beach. 

4) Image from 'An astronaut's journey on planet Earth' mixed media works. 

Contact K. Yoland for more images, video, sound and text works.

Performers in Northern Florida: Christopher Espejo, Faith Flawn, Lawrence Lazare, Anastasia Moray and Shelley Starnes-Blackburn. 

Performers in Southern Florida: Arturo Bello, Glenda Evans and Jocelyn Evans (performing Water-rising / Climate Change), Emerson Cheney (State Park Beaches), Elliott Miller (Military Beaches), Sydney Moore (Public Beaches), Sam Mumma (Private Beaches). 

Project supported by: Elizabeth Barrett (southern data research), Emerson Cheney (southern data research), Vanessa Evans (transcriptions), Prof Carrie Fonder (sculpture), Prof Meaghan Gates (ceramics), Prof Valerie George (interdisciplinary art), Miles and Ross Heilman (coastal knowledge), Cheryl Johns-Lee (ceramics), Prof Robin Jones (Kugelman Honors Program lecturer), Elliott Miller (southern data research), Sydney Moore (textiles & southern data research) and Sam Mumma (southern data research).  

Images below: Example documentation from a 1400 mile coastal path around the entire state of Florida (by car and foot). Accompanying journal coming soon. 

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