Letters without an address, multi channel video installation with text and audio, 2016. 

Letters without an address integrates footage shot across one city with five fictitious letters written in response to news reports and historical events. First shown at The McKinney Arts Center (MAC), Dallas, 2016. Letters without an address includes footage of the Trinity River, Freedmen’s Cemetery, Fair Park, Oak Cliff and a Paupers Cemetery. Although all video footage is shot in Dallas (Texas), the five letters leave location, time and context ambiguous. Each is addressed to someone who has disappeared or has been forced out of their home for reasons left unknown. The work, influenced by Yoland’s research of regional and national news reports, acknowledges the many people in various communities and cities who have been marginalized, excluded, tortured or incarcerated. The project also includes a reference to the artist’s home country, England, highlighting its active engagement in selling and owning slaves, and the profit gained from abolishing it. Letters without an address is also connected to the project Hidden Histories (Archived in the photography section of this website). 

Images below: Video stills, videos and documentation from installation:
Example video still, Dallas, 2015
Example video still, Dallas, 2015
Example video still, Dallas, 2015
Video below: Dear Sally, Dear Charles:
Video below: Dear Castle People:
Documentation of Dear Castle People:

Below: Relevant performances alongside Letters without an address. A series of walking performances across Dallas, Texas. In each walk Yoland carried 1 million dollars, shredded, inside a green semi transparent bin bag, donated by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. Partially documented in photography.
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