In 'Layers' portraiture is a means to look at our relationship to the 'other' both in private and public terms. Pushing the understanding of the 'other' as both distinct and confused signs of the 'inner' and 'outer' - the person may be concealed sometimes even to themselves.

As a series of self-portraits this work also investigates the role of perspective: In this case the photographer is both the object and the viewer.

In this work the act of concealment suggests multiple interpretations: It coud be a need to disguise someone dangerous or likewise protect someone fragile. It could be a means to attract the eye or a means to control our understanding of the subject. Is this person part of our group or outside our group?

Balancing on the edge, with no way to see the viewer, does this person/creature choose this position or has the photographer chosen it instead? (But then here the photographer is the subject - which complicates the issue further in terms of self-awareness, self-erasure and self-control).

Mixing the 'real' with 'representation' and the 'human' with the 'imaginary creature' this work might be both funny and uncomfortable. Both hidden and conspicuous, these portraits continue K. Yoland's investigation of identity, environment and power relations in our society.
Kodak VC 120 film: Fuji 5x4.5
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