Battleships, Performance, London

Interactive performance with one long table and two chairs at either end. Yoland is permanently seated at the far end of the table and at the other end there is a chair available for individuals to participate. Another series of chairs, which remain empty, line the walls of the large room surrounding the performance like an invisible audience. Bach Harpsichord music plays very loudly from all four corners of the space. During the performance individuals enter one at a time to play the game Battleships with Yoland, who is dressed entirely in black and veiled. With written instructions the participants are informed that the performer will only use two types of hand signals to communicate. They can attack the performer's boats by calling out co-ordinates but the performer will never retaliate. Participants are forced to shout because the music is very loud and the performer has trouble hearing them. When the participants have bombed all the boats the game is over and Yoland waits for them to leave and for a new participant to enter.
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