Installation with sound, video and steel walls 8' x 12' forming a corner. Inside are two video projections. One video is entirely blue, the other entirely red except for the black silhouette of a figure balancing and navigating chairs around a space. In the blue space the figure has two tall and round chairs made of metal. They could roll and be balanced on. In the red space the figure has a wooden chair with one faulty leg, which eventually breaks off. The figure must become the chair's fourth leg to use it. 

Accompanying the video is audio which amplifies the sound of chairs moving across the floor.

The steel exterior of the corner was illuminated by bare low-watt bulbs, which hung at head height. Inside the corner the floor was painted with black gloss, which allowed the video images to reflect into it. The reflections allowed the red and blue videos to bleed into each other. One small square was cut out of the floor directly opposite the corner where the 2 walls joined. In the cut out space a viewer could stand and be silhouetted into both screens.
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