Performance with video, London

1 actor, 2 dancers, 1 pianist with prepared piano and 1 electronic musician

3 Performers push a grand piano and pianist onto a dark stage. When they reach the center a square light appears over the 4 black suited and masked performers. They continue to push the piano to the front of the stage. The piano and pianist lower into the orchestra pit and the pianist continues to watch the other 3 via a live feed and monitor. The pianist's improvised playing responds to the movement and speed of the 3 performers on stage. The piano is also sampled by an electronic musician who manipulates the live feed to deliver a mechanical sound output.  

Each performer has a repetitive action: As the actions speed up the performers' paths cross more often. Tension grows between the performers and they attempt to disrupt each others' routines. 

Performer 1 - Enters stage right with a glass of wine. Downs the glass whilst watching the audience. Exits stage left. Re-enters stage right repeating action with new glass.

Performer 2 - Drags a chair piled with newspapers across the stage from left to right. Tied to the chair the performer always enters SL and exits SR.  

Performer 3 - Paints the white back wall black. A video projection covers part of the wall (a video of a white woman painting herself white behind a picture frame,) and the performer paints this black as well.

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