----> Three channel video installation with live performance, Danish Academy of Fine Art, Copenhagen
----> 3 hour event involving 3 dancers, 3 projection screens, 1 monitor 

A performance with 3 dancers placed inside a three-hour video installation. Investigating the Western relationship to war through media providers, focusing on the invasion/occupation of Iraq and exploring degrees of emotional involvement and responsibility at great distances.

The video on the tv monitor rapidly inter cuts between popular culture and televised war reports, especially the bombing of Baghdad on the 20th March 2003. Simultaneoulsy ridiculous and sinister, the performance and video montitor portrays western popular culture alongside the western military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan 2003-2009. Both the contrast and the parrallels between entertainment and current affairs makes it uncomfortable to process these two realities side by side. 

U.K Media Technician: Ben Wisely 
U.K Image Consultation: Mike Stallard
With support from Studio-Seventeen, London

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