Pick & Mix: Faite Votre Choix, performance, Paris

Simultaneously ridiculous and sinister, this performance looks at Western popular culture alongside Western Military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last decade. Both the contrast and the similarities between popular entertainment and current-affairs make it uncomfortable to live with these two realities side by side. 

During the performance K.Yoland plays with the connotations surrounding the superhero persona. Suspended between fantasy and reality, the traditional superhero narrative of good fighting evil is mirrored in the political terminology and rhetoric of politicians discussing terrorism, Iraq and Afghanistan. 

The performance for Paris is a reiteration of Pick & Mix in Denmark and this time only involves 1 performer. The performer is placed between two television monitors and two mirrors. The audience are on either side of the performer effectively setting the performance space in traverse. The video on the screen rapidly inter-cuts between popular culture and televised war reports. The video is a hypnotic and sinister juxtaposition of Western entertainment with Western foreign policy. In a society, which is preoccupied with creating varied entertainment and heightened stimulation, it seems that televised war is the only quiet reminder that what lies outside also relates to our world.
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