Performance, London

Performance in which Yoland attempts to auction contaminated/tampered water for extortionate prices. Wearing all black with matching gloves, the performance is perhaps comparable to a magic trick. Yoland keeps moving the glasses around the table, pouring water in and out of the jug and between glasses. Each is filled with water from the other glasses. Their order is often changed. During this choreography of pouring water and moving glasses, Yoland keeps adding black liquid from a small unlabeled bottle. The black liquid is sometimes added to one glass and sometimes added to all the water in the jug. The constant movement and apearance of a system is confusing for the viewer's eye which instintively searches for a pattern or logic ( - like one does with a magic trick - ) to assertain the cleanest/dirtiest drink. 

The water starts off in the jug as clear and supposedly clean. It finally returns to the jug opaque and black. 

What is the liquid? 
Is the water clean at the start or at the end? 
Why would we buy water if it is contaminated? 
At the inflated prices the performer offers the viewer, why would we accept?
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