Pick and Mix

Video and performance 

Pick and Mix was originally part of a multi-channel video installation surrounding a 3-hour performance directed by Yoland. The performance included three dancers and was staged at the Danish Academy of Arts, Copenhagen.

The original five-screen multi-channel installation includes a central video (45 mins), which is shown below as a series of stills. The video includes the news documentation of the bombing of Baghdad in 2003. It is intercut with Hollywood films, including superheroes, vampire and military dramas, and Christmas cooking shows. It examines our complicated relationship with war and entertainment when viewed on television in the comfort of our homes. To watch the video content please contact Yoland directly.

Pick and Mix has also been exhibited as video only at Beef Hause (Dallas, 2015) and with L’école des Beaux-arts Nantes Saint Lazaire (Nantes, 2020). 

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