Punch in Frame

Performance and video work

Punch in Frame was initially made to be included inside an installation and performance at the Center of Cultural Decontamination (CZKD), Belgrade, Serbia. Yoland’s work was a response to watching the escalating events during the Kosovo War through news reports. Yoland would like to thank the performer and photographer, CY Moyse, for participating in making and performing the video work. To watch the video please contact Yoland directly. 

At CZKD, Yoland performed live in collaboration with three other artists. Each artist brought a recorded work with the same punch bag to be projected around the performance. The performance ended with the audience being invited for soup and bread on the stage with tables set in four lines. In the centre of the table arrangement was the hanging punch bag.

Since Belgrade, Punch in Frame has also been exhibited with L’école des Beaux-arts Nantes Saint Lazaire (2020), reformatted and screened via a stack of 5 old television screens which form a monument-like structure.    

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