Site/Nonsite: Reconfigured Desert Sites

Installations and performances, 2021-23

Reconfigured Desert Sites are a series of installations which re-construct, de-construct and glitch the stagings of military training and surveillance in the desertscapes of the American Southwest. Maps present segments of aerial images revealing a military site in the Mojave desert. Red and orange dots capture the positions/co-ordinates where Yoland stood to film and photograph military rehearsals of conflict.

Since 2019 Yoland’s work has been focused on the Mojave desert and Great Basin desert, investigating fear and fantasy, war and science fiction, and freedom and colonisation in the region. These include photographic works, videos, autofiction and performances. Corresponding and evolving projects include Rescaled III. More work will be added to the website in July 2023.

︎ More images and videos coming soon. 

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