Red Line

Performance, video and photographic triptych, West Texas, 2013 

Red Line consists of three performances in which a person divides, conquers or cuts the landscape. Part of the larger project, Then there Was Land, the performances were developed from field excursions along the US/Mexico borderland with border patrol guards, oil industry workers and cattle ranchers. On these trips Yoland observed the effects that natural and artificial boundaries had on these different groups. Learning that 95% of land in Texas is privately owned, Yoland used barbed wire, tumbleweed and red construction paper as markers of division to delineate and conquer the landscape and the figures within it. These performative actions explored the human instinct for mapping and possessing as an attempt to assert control over the vast landscape and bodies (human and non-human).

Red Line (as video and photographic triptych) has been exhibited with Marfa Contemporary (Marfa, 2013), Oklahoma Contemporary (Oklahoma, 2014), Turner Contemporary (Margate, 2015), Talley Dunn Gallery (Dallas, 2016) and The Lisson Gallery (London, 2016).

Installation shot, Lisson Gallery, Line, London, 2016. 

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