X Steps Removed

Photographic images and video, 2009

X Steps Removed consists of one sourced image from the BBC website reporting on the Gaza War (a 3 week armed conflict in the Gaza Strip and Southern Israel, December 2008 - January 2009). The original photograph shows two children walking amidst the rubble of Gaza carrying a sagging object. One of the boys appears to be looking at the camera. The photo depicts the aftermath of violence without being a direct image of violence in action.

The original image is altered with incremental steps until it disappears. Step by step the image of the boys are effaced till they become abstract shapes and finally a grey square. The gradual changes slowly create a distance between subject and viewer. As the children disappear, so does our understanding of their story.

X Steps Removed has been exhibited with Alan Cristea Gallery (London, 2013), BeefHaus (Dallas, 2015) and L’école des Beaux-arts Nantes Saint Lazaire (Nantes, 2020). 

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