Images above: Operation Tumbleweed on the Rio Grande (performance & video, USA), Operation Tumbleweed in Ojinaga (mixed media, Mexico), Punch in Frame (video installation, Nantes), Behind the hand (installation, Nantes), Invisible Angels (photography, London), Pick & Mix (performance and video installation, Copenhagen), Punch in Frame (performance & video installation, Belgrade).
L'École des Beaux-Arts Nantes, France 
January 28, 2020 - March 7, 2020
Six projects spanning 2003 to 2020 including Behind the Hand (2019), Rehearsing War (2020), Operation Tumbleweed (2018-2019) and Walking a straight line (2019, Florida). 

Solo exhibition curated by Leïla Zerrouki. 

Documentation image left © Marc Dieulangard, Beaux-arts de Nantes Saint-Nazaire.
Alabama Contemporary, Mobile, USA 
December 13, 2019 - February 15, 2020
Operation Tumbleweed  

Operation Tumbleweed's first solo exhibition in the USA is at Alabama Contemporary Art Center this December 2019. It will be followed by its first exhibition in Europe at L'école des beaux arts de Nantes, France, 2020. 
Dallas Pavillion, Venice, Italy, 2019
Dallas Pavilion, 2019 (May 8, 9, & 10), Venice. Curated by Michael Corris and Jasper Joseph-Lester.  

Participants: Amanda Beech, Xxavier Carter, Melanie Clemmons, Roberto Conduro, Maureen Connor, Colette Copeland, Michael Corris, Diane Durant, Ludwig Engel, Tamara Johnson & Trey Burns III, Ashley Jones, Alfredo Jaar, Jaspar Joseph-Lester, Adam Kaasa, Kelly Kroener and Eli Walker, Stéphane Mroczkowski & Alexandra Pignol, The People’s Cultural Plan (New York, NY), Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos, Laray Polk, Peter Scott, Giovanni Valderas, and K. Yoland.
Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, 2019
K. Yoland discusses Operation Tumbleweed with Terri Thornton as part of the museum's Tuesday Lecture Series. 
Nasher Magazine, 2018-19
Operation Tumbleweed essay commissioned for the Nasher sculpture Center Magazine Fall edition. 
Pensacola Museum of Art, 2018-19
'Stone's Throw: On Borders, Boundaries and the Beyond' a group exhibition with Candice Breitz, Jaime Carrejo, Paul Valadez, Joshua Edwards, Skye Gilkerson, Ana Hušman, Yari Ostovany, Carlos Rolón, Lala Raščić and K. Yoland. 
The Quito Papers, The New Urban Agenda, 2018
Published by The United Nations and Routledge Press. "The future is urban. Indeed, the battle for sustainable development will be won or lost in cities. Not a moment too soon, then, that urbanization is suddenly at the centre of global policy making. In 2015 the governments of the UN adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and in 2016 they adopted the New Urban Agenda. However, the question of how these Agendas will be pursued concretely remains. Unfortunately, the prevailing model is rigidly technocratic Charter of Athens from 1933—the strict functionalist separation of activities that it prescribes still dominates planning practices worldwide. The purpose of The Quito Papers and the New Urban Agenda is to start a discussion that both challenges this status quo and opens up new lines of enquiry. It intentionally does not propose a manifesto made up of simplistic slogans and recommendations as cities in the 21st century are more fragile and complex. Its content, therefore, is intentionally broad, ranging from architecture, planning and urban design, to land ownership and regulation, water management and environmental philosophy. This multifaceted assembly of perspectives critiques the tenets of the Charter of Athens, identify new trends and propose new insights on contemporary urbanization. Part One outlines the overall challenges facing cities in the 21st century and Part Two offers a number of conceptual frameworks and approaches for dealing with those challenges. Each Part is also composed of a body of illustrated arguments, synthesized from selectively-abridged background papers from over 15 commissioned authors, interspersed with in-depth papers."
The Ringling Museum, 2017-18
Ringling's Monda Gallery for Contemporary Art Sarasota, Florida November 2017 - January 2018 'Approaching the Border' a five person video exhibition with Francis Alÿs, Emilio Chapela, Yoshua Okón, Christiana de Marchi and K. Yoland
Miami Satellite
'Gritty', December 8, 2017 Video and live performance, curated by Ayana Evans, featuring: Alicia Grunion, Autumn Knight, Carlos Salazar-Lermont, David Ian Bellows/Griess, Dominque Duroseau, Geraldo Mercado, Hector Caning, Hee Ran Lee, K. Yoland, Lisette Morel, Nyugen Smith, Olivia McGilchrist with Ayana Evans, Sean Wang, Tsedaye McKonnen, Viva Ruiz, Vivian Chinas Ezugha and Zavé Mortohardjono
Pulse PLAY
PULSE Contemporary Art Fair, Miami 'Pulse Play', December 2016 This years Pulse Play videos are "investigating the human body’s relationship to social constructs and self-determination” : 

BODY AS OBJECT -- Dominique Duroseau, Addressing Baldwin, 2016 
BODY AS PREY -- Andy Fernandez, Sandra, 2016 BODYS AS MACHINE Jon Jacobsen, Insula, 2016 BODY AS AMERICA -- Capt. Larry, LAZY GENiUS Presents: MiSS AMERiCA, 2016 
BODY AS BEAUTY --Rashaad Newsome, Stop Playin' In My Face, 2016 
BODY AS SAVORY -- Jessica Posner, Butter Body Politic (Butterface) 
BODY AS RITUAL --Margaret Rorison, Pull/Drift, 2013 
BODY AS MEMORY -- Diana Salcedo, Garden Conversations, 2016 
BODY AS WAR -- Margarita Sanchez Urdaneta, Mouth Filled With Ash, 2015 
BODY AS ALIEN -- K. Yoland, Military Cut, 2013
Arts & Texas Culture Magazine: "Letters without an Address: K. Yoland Explores Dallas’ Hidden History", writer Danielle Avram
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